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APPLICATION FOR PART TIME EMPLOYMENT. Last Name First Middle Date of Application. StreetiPO. Box Apt. # City State Zip. Day Phone Evening Phone ...
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Please describe your job title and primary duties um I was just like crew member everybody's like that unless you need a management position and you're not limited to just one duty you basically have to do multiple duties around the store which includes cashiering food prep boxing dough making and sometimes dishes what was the work environment like it was fun um you got experience with customer service but behind the scenes like you've got a good relationship with your coworkers and it was a comfortable environment how would you describe the application and interview process you go in the store it's all paper applications you fill out the application handed in and most the time you get a call within the next week or two what questions that the interviewer asked during a job interview why you want to work there if you have any experience and they ask you questions about like what you would do in a certain situation like with a frustrated customer or when there's not enough product and lots of people what should network and wear to the job interview business casual nice shirt slacks um nice shoes what set you apart from other candidates I really wanted the job and I had friends who worked there which gave me advantage of getting to the manager right away through other people how were you notified that you received the job you have two interviews the first one is probably with a co manager the person who's like not the general manager and then if that one goes well you get a second inter you with the general manager and then he or she lets you know on the spot whether you got the job or not what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment just be confident don't don't be shy or scared it's easy